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 Cover Crops
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Cover Crop Plants

About Cover Crops

The following is a list of several cover crops used in the PLANTS floristic area (PFA). By clicking on the appropriate column heading, this list can be sorted by PLANTS symbol, scientific name, common name, or plant family. Click on a scientific name to view its Plant Profile with more information. Synonyms are indented beneath accepted counterparts.

74 cover crops returned

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Plant Family
ARGL18 Arachis glabrata rhizoma peanut Fabaceae - Pea family
ARHY Arachis hypogaea peanut Fabaceae - Pea family
AVSA Avena sativa common oat Poaceae - Grass family
AVST2 Avena strigosa black oats Poaceae - Grass family
BRJU Brassica juncea brown mustard Brassicaceae - Mustard family
BRNA Brassica napus rape Brassicaceae - Mustard family
BRNI Brassica nigra black mustard Brassicaceae - Mustard family
BRRAR Brassica rapa var. rapa field mustard Brassicaceae - Mustard family
BRCA2 Brassica campestris
BRHO2 Bromus hordeaceus soft brome Poaceae - Grass family
CACA27 Cajanus cajan pigeonpea Fabaceae - Pea family
CAEN4 Canavalia ensiformis jack bean Fabaceae - Pea family
CRJU Crotalaria juncea sunn hemp Fabaceae - Pea family
ECCR Echinochloa crus-galli barnyardgrass Poaceae - Grass family
ERVES Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa rocketsalad Brassicaceae - Mustard family
FAES2 Fagopyrum esculentum buckwheat Polygonaceae - Buckwheat family
GLMA4 Glycine max soybean Fabaceae - Pea family
HEAN3 Helianthus annuus common sunflower Asteraceae - Aster family
HORDE Hordeum barley Poaceae - Grass family
HOPU Hordeum pusillum little barley Poaceae - Grass family
INHI Indigofera hirsuta hairy indigo Fabaceae - Pea family
LAPU6 Lablab purpureus hyacinthbean Fabaceae - Pea family
LASA2 Lathyrus sativus white pea Fabaceae - Pea family
LASY Lathyrus sylvestris flat pea Fabaceae - Pea family
LECU2 Lens culinaris lentil Fabaceae - Pea family
LOPEM2 Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorum Italian ryegrass Poaceae - Grass family
LOMU Lolium multiflorum
LORI Lolium rigidum Wimmera ryegrass Poaceae - Grass family
LOTE2 Lolium temulentum Darnel ryegrass Poaceae - Grass family
LOCO6 Lotus corniculatus bird's-foot trefoil Fabaceae - Pea family
LOTE4 Lotus tenuis narrowleaf trefoil Fabaceae - Pea family
LUPIN Lupinus lupine Fabaceae - Pea family
LUAL22 Lupinus albus white lupine Fabaceae - Pea family
LUAN4 Lupinus angustifolius narrowleaf lupine Fabaceae - Pea family
MELI5 Medicago littoralis water medick Fabaceae - Pea family
MELU Medicago lupulina black medick Fabaceae - Pea family
MEPO3 Medicago polymorpha burclover Fabaceae - Pea family
MERU3 Medicago rugosa gama medic Fabaceae - Pea family
MESC6 Medicago scutellata snail medick Fabaceae - Pea family
METR10 Medicago truncatula barrelclover Fabaceae - Pea family
MEIN2 Melilotus indicus annual yellow sweetclover Fabaceae - Pea family
MEOF Melilotus officinalis sweetclover Fabaceae - Pea family
MEAL12 Melilotus alba
MUPR Mucuna pruriens velvet bean Fabaceae - Pea family
PAMI2 Panicum miliaceum proso millet Poaceae - Grass family
PEGL2 Pennisetum glaucum pearl millet Poaceae - Grass family
PHTA Phacelia tanacetifolia lacy phacelia Hydrophyllaceae - Waterleaf family
PISA6 Pisum sativum garden pea Fabaceae - Pea family
POPR Poa pratensis Kentucky bluegrass Poaceae - Grass family
RASA2 Raphanus sativus cultivated radish Brassicaceae - Mustard family
SECE Secale cereale cereal rye Poaceae - Grass family
SEBI3 Sesbania bispinosa dunchi fiber Fabaceae - Pea family
SEAC7 Sesbania aculeata
SEHE8 Sesbania herbacea bigpod sesbania Fabaceae - Pea family
SEEX Sesbania exaltata
SESE8 Sesbania sesban Egyptian riverhemp Fabaceae - Pea family
SEIT Setaria italica foxtail millet Poaceae - Grass family
SIAL5 Sinapis alba white mustard Brassicaceae - Mustard family
BRHI2 Brassica hirta
Sorghum bicolor × S. bicolor var. sudanense (link 1) (link 2) Sudex (Sorghum-sudangrass) Poaceae - Grass family
SOBI2 Sorghum bicolor sorghum Poaceae - Grass family
TRAL6 Trifolium alexandrinum Egyptian clover Fabaceae - Pea family
TRFR2 Trifolium fragiferum strawberry clover Fabaceae - Pea family
TRHI4 Trifolium hirtum rose clover Fabaceae - Pea family
TRHY Trifolium hybridum alsike clover Fabaceae - Pea family
TRIN3 Trifolium incarnatum crimson clover Fabaceae - Pea family
TRPR2 Trifolium pratense red clover Fabaceae - Pea family
TRRE3 Trifolium repens white clover Fabaceae - Pea family
TRSU3 Trifolium subterraneum subterranean clover Fabaceae - Pea family
TRVE Trifolium vesiculosum arrowleaf clover Fabaceae - Pea family
TRITI2 ×Triticosecale triticale Poaceae - Grass family
TRAE Triticum aestivum common wheat Poaceae - Grass family
URRA Urochloa ramosa browntop millet Poaceae - Grass family
BRRA80 Brachiaria ramosa
VIBE Vicia benghalensis purple vetch Fabaceae - Pea family
VIAT2 Vicia atropurpurea
VIFA Vicia faba fava bean Fabaceae - Pea family
VIGR Vicia grandiflora large yellow vetch Fabaceae - Pea family
VISA Vicia sativa garden vetch Fabaceae - Pea family
VIVI Vicia villosa winter vetch Fabaceae - Pea family
VIUN Vigna unguiculata cowpea Fabaceae - Pea family
VUMY Vulpia myuros annual fescue Poaceae - Grass family
FEME Festuca megalura